Start your day off feeling good

At Move Well Health, we are firm believers in starting the day off feeling good and ready for what's to come. One of the ways we do it? Moving every joint, every day.

Moving your joints through their full range of motion not only prepares the body to move better but it enhances your joint health in the present and for the future.

This quick and easy routine will get your body moving and give you the opportunity to feel GOOD for your day. Trust us when we say, it's a game-changer.

How it works:

Each exercise will take every major joint through its full range of motion. It's important to move through a pain-free range with the rest of the body engaged and focused on the specific joint at hand.

When to do it:

In total, this routine takes roughly 15-20 minutes, you can do them all together, split them up through your day, or do it multiple times a day. Some great times to add this into the day:

  • First thing in the morning
  • Before a run or walk
  • Before, during, or after traveling
  • After long bouts of sitting
  • Before bed

There is no wrong time to do this. Pick a time that works for you and make it a daily habit.

"Your entire life happens inside your body. It's the only home you will always occupy and can never sell.

But you can renovate it.

If you only pick one habit to build, exercise might be the one. Everything else is downstream from how your body is functioning."

-James Clear

We can't stress enough that being mobile in your body is a crucial aspect of being healthy; it gives you the freedom to move with more accessibility, in a safe and efficient way, no matter the age. 

Ready to get started? Purchase below and get moving.